pause, rew and forwad an audio

Dan Shafer revdan at
Mon Jul 11 23:40:40 EDT 2005

Duh. Rather than ask, why don't you try it, Dan? Well, that's not a  
bad idea.

Yep, a number < 0 for playRate rewinds at that rate, so -1 rewinds at  
the frame rate of the movie, -2 rewinds at double speed, etc.



On Jul 11, 2005, at 7:23 PM, Trevor DeVore wrote:

> On Jul 11, 2005, at 7:01 PM, Dan Shafer wrote:
>> Assuming you are using a QuickTime Player object to do this work,  
>> you can use the following properties to control pause and loudness:
>> set the playLoudness of player "foo" to 0
>> set the paused of player "foo" to true (and false to un-pause)
>> However, Rev does not include any commands to place the playback  
>> head where you want it. Trevor DeVore of Mango Multimedia, who  
>> hangs out here, wrote an external for Rev to provide better  
>> interaction with QT movies but a quick perusal of the version I  
>> have doesn't include implementation of rewind or fast forward  
>> (i.e., frame-specific positioning) as far as I can tell.
> currentTime will set the playhead wherever you want.  Set the  
> playRate to any number below 1 to rewind, above 1 to fast forward.   
> For example, a playRate of 2 will fast forward at double the normal  
> speed of playback.
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