Building a library with functions with callbacks

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Jul 11 21:08:06 EDT 2005

On Jul 11, 2005, at 6:13 PM, Alex Tweedly wrote:

> Actually, I'd really like to have the syntax of "socket" functions 
> extended to user-defined functions
>    callMyHandler value with message <callback>
> I really like Transcipt's neo-English style - just wish it could be 
> used for user-defined handlers like it can for built in ones.

Do you mean that you would like to add syntax words in handler 

Like this:

on callMyHandler v "with message" callback

Or do you mean that any custom command invocation can have the 
with-message phrase added to the end and the handler itself can get it 
with some function like getCallbackParam()?

Like this:

on callMyHandler v
   -- ...
   get getCallbackParam()
   -- ...
end callMyHandler

on mouseUp
    callMyHandler 23 with message "doWhenDone"
end mouseUp

(Maybe some sort of send that doesn't need the handler name and object 
reference to be separated would be nice.)


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