Scrolling List field please help please help.....

Ban Nguyen bann at
Mon Jul 11 16:21:20 EDT 2005

Hi Mark
How can I get the next value by clicking on the button and hightlight
that line

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On Jul 11, 2005, at 11:16 AM, Ban Nguyen wrote:

> Thanks you for your help.  It works.  How can I transfer the value of
> clickline into a button so when user click on a button then it  
> shows the
> value of clickline

You could put the clickline into a global variable (gClickVar) or  
custom property (clickProp).  When the user clicks on the button the  
value of the variable (or custom property) would show at the location  
of your choosing.

This would go into the field you click on:

On mouseUp
global gClickVar
put the clickline into gClickVar  -- (or)
--set the clickProp of this card to the clickline
End mouseUp

This would go into the Button that places the value of the clickline  
into a second field

On MouseUp
global gClickVar
put value(gClickVar) into field 2 -- or
--put the clickProp of this cd into field 2
end MouseUp

Hope this makes sense.  There are probably other more elegant solutions.

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