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Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Jul 11 12:09:51 EDT 2005

Recently, mark  wrote:

> I'm sure this issue has come up many times before, but I've been out of
> the loop recently, so apologies in advance.  If I ask rev (vers. 2.03,
> Mac OS 10.2x) to "put the files" for  long media file names I might get
> something like this:
> 01-nick_cannon_ft_murphy_lee_e-40-gigolo_(remix_clean)-crn.mp3.
> This is is also the name I see in the finder and is also the name
> exported from iTunes if you export a song list.  And if you ask Rev "if
> there is a file" by that name, it tells you "yes", there is.  But if
> you "set the fileName" of a player to the above name, it does not work.

A workaround was provided by Mark Waddingham: set the filename of
a your player to a *file* URL, ie

Important: make sure to replace any spaces in the name with %20, even though
you should *not* use a fully URL encoded path.


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