mac file name fonkyness

mark cowhead at
Mon Jul 11 05:45:16 EDT 2005

I'm sure this issue has come up many times before, but I've been out of 
the loop recently, so apologies in advance.  If I ask rev (vers. 2.03, 
Mac OS 10.2x) to "put the files" for  long media file names I might get 
something like this:
This is is also the name I see in the finder and is also the name 
exported from iTunes if you export a song list.  And if you ask Rev "if 
there is a file" by that name, it tells you "yes", there is.  But if 
you "set the fileName" of a player to the above name, it does not work. 
  If you ask rev to "answer file" you get a different shorter name with 
some numbers replacing the end of the file name.  Compare:
If you set the player's file name to the number containing name, it 
works fine.  Is there some way to convert from one name to another or 
to get a list of these number containing names?  I suspect this has to 
do with the way OS 10.2 handles really long names.  I suppose one 
option might be to try to shorten all the names.
mark mitchell

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