spreadsheet-like tables

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Sun Jul 10 20:01:17 EDT 2005

> Ugh.  No way to edit values right in the tables?  Really?  Sigh

You can edit directly in the table, but I find it ugly & confusing,  
especially if the data becomes longer than the column width. I would  
much rather have a dedicated edit field. If you don't want to pull  
the complete record out, do it one cell at a time, like most  
spreadsheet programs do.


>>> First off, what is the best way to present the user with tabular   
>>> data?  I tried the "table", and it has lots of problems, at  
>>> least  the way I did it <sick grin>.  Any sample stacks out there  
>>> for me  to study?  I had the most trouble allowing the user to  
>>> edit the  data: the appearance of the table went to hell when the  
>>> user  started modifying a field in the table.
>> I would have the data in a standard list field with the tabStops  
>> set  to make the display look OK. When the user selects a line,  
>> pop the  different items into separate editable fields. Then have  
>> an "Apply  Edits" button that gathers up the edited data and puts  
>> it back into  the selected line of the data field.
>> HTH,
>> Sarah

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