mixed languages in a field? HTMLText problems

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Fri Jul 8 16:50:39 EDT 2005

Hi Curt,

Before struggling with unicode, you have to build right html first:
You set the htmlText of your field to a string which is not html but  
in fact usual text.
For instance, tab in html is "	" and "tab" in html is only a text  
In order to understand how translation can be made between html and  
usual text, you might be interested by downloading my Encoded Text  
Picker free plugin from my web-site (address below).
It will allow you to translate any text from and to html  
automatically and then understand how to build your code properly :-)
Take heart!

Best Regards from Paris,

Eric Chatonet.
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Le 8 juil. 05 à 22:35, Curtis Ford a écrit :

> As a newbie I'm getting gray hairs trying to build a scrolling text  
> field that will display both English and Russian. (The code already  
> works well for English & other languages in the Latin alphabet,  
> including accents, umlauts, etc.). Simplifying a little, I have:
> repeat with i = 1 to gHowManyItems
>     [some code to get the first item]
>     put [first item] after gWordList
>     [more code for 2nd item]
>     put tab & [2nd item] after gWordList
>     [some code to get the 3rd item]
>     put return & [3rd item] after gWordList
>     [some code to get the 4th item]
>     put tab & [4th item] after gWordList
> end repeat
> set the HTMLText of field "list field" to gWordList
> When the first item is in Russian it shows up fine, but the  
> following English word displays as Chinese characters.
> When experimenting, I tried adding
>   put "test some English at beginning" && return before gWordList
>   put return & "test some English at end" after gWordList
> ..after building the list but before setting the HTMLText of the  
> field.
> The English text added before gWordList displayed fine; the Russian  
> elements in gWordList  displayed fine; but the English text added  
> after gWordList was gibberish. It seems that once an element in  
> Russian has been added, it doesn't want to go back to an encoding  
> that works with English - ?
> I've been able to copy mixed-language text from one field to  
> another when I'd entered the text in Revolution (using HTMLText),  
> but when I try to create something that fills fields dynamically  
> from variables, I can't get it to work right.
> Is there something that prevents mixing languages in a field? Am I  
> missing something obvious? Are there any sample files out there  
> that demonstrate using different languages in a field using HTMLText?
> Thanks for any suggestions!

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