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Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Jul 8 08:47:30 EDT 2005

Hi David,

> Hi All,
> Is there anyway to stop the revOnline Viewer window from popping up  
> everytime I launch RunRev? It is sooooooo annoying!
> It wouldn't be too bad, if there were not so many bugs in the IDE  
> that make it necessary to relaunch RunRev. I really can't see the  
> point of popping up this window EVERY time you launch rev, anyone  
> else agree?
> I MUCH better thing to do IMHO would be to open the Application  
> Browser on the last stack used. Now that would be useful.
> At the very least I reckon the display of the revOnline window  
> should be a Preference.

It is, mon ami, it is!

Clean your glasses and take a look at:

Preferences -> General -> Automatically launch Revolution Online


> Just my 5 cents worth
> All the Best
> Dave


Klaus Major
klaus at

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