Managing substacks - best way?

Jim Bufalini yoursignup at
Wed Jul 6 11:38:28 EDT 2005

Hi Eric,

Can't find in the IDE clone a substack. Do you mean write a script?


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Hi Jim,

1. Clone the substack (it will be a mainstack named copy of <substack
2. set it as a substack of another mainStack
3. Change its name (be careful with conflicts when 2 stacks/substacks
have the same name)

Hope this helps.

Le 6 juil. 05 à 16:54, Jim Bufalini a écrit :

> Lets say you create a substack or someone shares a stack with a
> library or
> other type of substack that you want to incorporate in other projects.
> What's the best way to separate out that substack from the original
> Main
> stack (without actually separating it from the original project by
> setting
> it's main stack to itself) and then, adding it to another project?
> I've been setting the substack to a main stack of itself. Saving the
> substack. Closing the original main stack without save. Opening a
> new main
> stack. Opening what was the substack. Setting the main stack of the
> opened
> former substack to the new main stack. Kind of a PITA (Pain In The
> A__).
> Isn't there a better way?

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