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> Hi All.
> I cant find the answer to this on in the docs or list archive.
> I can use a button and revgourl to go to my webmail page and the cursor is in
> the first field, however, I would like to paste in the username at the cursor
> and tab to the next field to enter a password.
> I tried the first step to launch the browser and go to the page. The cursor is
> ther but all attempts to add a line into the script that adds text at the
> cursor have failed.
> The docs naturally concentrate on inserting text etc in a stack field.
> Any ideas, or is this even possible?

Well, it *might* be possible, but it won't be easy. It's not as simple as
"put <x> into web page field <y>". If you are filling in a form on the
webmail page, it is possible that the page you go to might be a CGI - if it
is, you might be able to pass parameters to it so that when you go there the
field is filled in. (You can tell if it uses a CGI by looking at the
resulting URL after you manually go to the browser page - if the location
string in the address bar includes something like .cgi or .asp or .php,
followed by a "?" and a series of parameters fomatted as "param=value", then
it uses a CGI.)

If it doesn't use a CGI, you still may be able to put your data into the
field by automating the browser from the outside through AppleScript, VB
Script, etc., although most browsers are pretty "dumb" where that stuff's

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