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Tue Jul 5 11:27:32 EDT 2005

I agree with Eric... potentialissimo!

So the spring, the ferrari colors... 
Actually makes me think that Rev can catchup to Catia... - the runrev of car industry and manufacturers,
testers and designers.

This kind of program opens your mind just as Rev would... I like cars but
actually this program was made by Dassault (i think) who makes airplanes,
rockets, etc...

Then again, im already working on something like this with some new TAOO
extensions to come...

Jim, if you want to add some "physics" handling to TAOO you are more than
welcome! You'll be the first! TAOO will add time-based testing, universe
matrices and context situational condition stochastic simulations and the
rest ;) 

for example

Put the long name of grp Spring["frontleft"] of grp car into thisspring

coil thisspring
Uncoil thisSpring

combining it with a strut, car dampers, bushings and road
porosity/weather/humidity/aborbstion, etc... would make this
more interesting...

The real challenge now is to get the spring coiling while rolling over a
road with bumps (small sin waves). I doubt RR can handle the 10000 myriad
parts in a 5 second simulation. Nor can it do the 7000 runs with GA (genetic
algorithms) to find optimal configurations - this is what i heard  in
Stutgart a few weeks ago where a Ferarri GT testing team was doing. That
simulation took them a week on a high-end PC. Just for a springs setting! ;)

But it's not just the road and the spring. Dont forget the tyres and the
parameter zillinos pieces that come with them to interface the car to the
road ;)

So what's the point? What's the value in this? How do you see the car handle
the way you want? How do you control the testing? says simply
"IA V5 is the leading product development solution for all manufacturing
organizations, from OEMs through their supply chains to small independent
producers. The range of its capabilities allows CATIA V5 to be applied in a
wide variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, industrial
machinery, electrical, electronics, shipbuilding, plant design, and consumer
goods, including design for such diverse products as jewelry and clothing."

Catia is a complicated beast. Rev is not maybe? That depends on us the
developpers. And for Rev it would be easy to control Catia - I tell you this
because it's the same way i've adapted MC to manage a large NT network. How
i've kind of mastered a way to make software work for any subject any

But knowing how the spring works is where it's at all the time! If Rev
doesn't know how a spring should work then there's little chance that Rev
can "efficiently" control Catia to find an optimum spring choice. The more
we teach Rev how to make it available easily is the way to do that... So
Jim, there's your invitation for a PPU module in TAOO/Rev/MC... Physic
Processing Unit's a the next GPUs of the trade. That was G for graphics if
you're not HW graphic card aware... Without these, simulators like GTR
wouldn't be so totally realistic. The point is that TAOO should be able to
bring in this context oriented "knowledge and intelligence" to the user. 

get iscoiled(thespring)

I tried to do some optimization tests with RunRev with NN and
BestFitPermutations (1-2D only) and forget it - without serious array
transforms in terms of speed, speedier loop executions and better cpu usage
(on x86 at least), Rev remains slow - and it's not the user handling stuff -
as usual. 

A compiler is needed in my best of professional opinion to reach a quarter
of the power of Catia - the parallels are interesting... If Rev wants to
become Enterprise candy, then it should provide the power power-users will
demand of it sooner or later... 

In the best fit problem i created some time ago, the speed to get the
solution depended on the number of items you want to mix and beyond 8 items
to combine into a best fit function which took already long minutes, 9 items
jumped to over an hour long... 

just 2 cents on the line of thought today...

I going galactic with Rev now ;)


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> Hi Jim,
> Amazing!
> When maths reach natural effects :-)
> Thanks for your post.
> Le 5 juil. 05 à 16:06, Jim Hurley a écrit :
> > I have been working with springs and have developed a few utilities 
> > which might interest others.
> >
> > The iconic spring is easily described geometrically, but 
> difficult to 
> > describe in terms of its Cartesian coordinates and so they 
> are a good 
> > candidate for Turtle Graphics.
> >
> > For some of applications, the raw coordinate geometry of Run Rev is 
> > much too difficult.
> >
> > Included among the applications:
> >
> > *How to design shock absorbers
> > *A commercial for Run Rev: It is revealed in the answer to the
> > question: "How many programmers does it take to change a light?"
> > *A jack-in-the-box
> >
> > In the message box:
> >
> >    go stack url "
> > StringThings.rev"
> >
> > Jim
> >
> > P.S. Don't you people ever sleep? I'm having trouble 
> keeping up with 
> > the list.
> Best Regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet.
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