Button leaving behind droppings

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Tue Jul 5 08:22:19 EDT 2005

Dave Cragg wrote:

> On OS X, I get the droppings too, (I always wondered what the  
> technical term was. Thanks.) but only when the button is selected and  
> is set as default. It seems the droppings are left by the selection  
> handles, and not the button. Is that the same on Windows?

When I select the button, I get two sets of droppings
  - remnants of gray squares from the selection handle
  - remnants of black lines along the trailing edge of the button

When the button is not selected, I get only the black lines left behind 
- and they are only on the trailing edge, and are apparently single 
pixel width.

When I switch from Edit (pointer) tool to Run (browse) tool, the 
droppings all disappear. When I hit an arrow key, they all disappear. 
But when I hit the tab key, focus moves to the next button, but the 
droppings remain.

Thanks to you and John for checking - I feel safe entering it as a BZ 
now - #2974

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