Scripting conference Groups stack uploaded

Ray Stace rstace at
Mon Jul 4 21:45:22 EDT 2005

Returns 7/10/05 2:00 AM in the time zone for Sydney Australia.
Might not get many 'live' participants at that time ;­)

On 5/7/05 11:26 AM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

> What a great idea. It is no surprise it comes from the lady who will be
> doing the conference on dates and times. Okay, the next scripting
> conference will be at 1120924800 seconds.
> I am curious to know if this works for all time zones everywhere. For
> those who want to try it, run this in the message box:
>  get "1120924800";convert it to short date and time;put it
> To be safe, double-check the web page anyway. :)

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