PDFs in QT Player -- Hot Links Challenge

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Jul 4 18:08:50 EDT 2005

Dan Shafer wrote:
>> Good news:  That's just a filtering thang; from your own script you  
>> can set a player to a PDF and it'll display nicely.
> But not in the property settings for the player object? So I need to  
> script the player to respond to an event to open a file at runtime.  
> Seems kinda clunky. But I'll give it a go.

For any real work with players or referenced image you need to write 
your own scripts to handle them anyway.  The IDE uses a full path to the 
media, which works so long as you never move either the stack or the 
media it references.

Relative paths kinda work if you hand-edit them in the Inspector, but 
they're currently implemented to be relative to the current directory, 
which is volatile.  So as long as one successfully prays that no script 
will ever touch the current directory, and that the relative path to 
your stack will be the same as to your standalone (that rules out OS X 
unless you move you media inside the bundle), relative paths kinda work.
The rest of the time we need clever scripts.

HTML has done a good job of familiarizing a significant portion of 
humanity with true relative paths, paths which are relative to the file 
referencing them.  The stackfiles property works like that, and there is 
a request to consider changing how relative paths work with media to be 
consistent with this widely-used paradigm:


In the meantime, we write clever scripts to get past the clunky funky 
media paths issue. :)

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