Very Humble Pie - [was Re: Transcript arithmetic]

John Ridge ridge11103 at
Fri Jul 1 13:24:43 EDT 2005

The server upgrade cut me off for a while, which is just as well. In the
interval, I have realised that my post claiming that I had found an
inconsistency in Transcript between IDE and standalones was... well,
actually, I was totally and embarrassingly WRONG.

So please accept my apologies for wasting your time and bandwidth, list -
and especially Ken Ray, who took me seriously (never again, I fear!). And
also Heather, whose recent listmom piece I've just read - I'm taking the
risk of changing the thread name to emphasise that I was wrong. Any
implication that the IDE is less than perfect is hereby fully and
unreservedly withdrawn.

What I have at last noticed is that the version of the stack that I made
into a standalone happened to have been saved in an inconsistent state.
Competent people of course ensure that (a) this can't happen (b) a "startup"
handler fixes it anyway. Oh dear...

Apologies again - I shall now go back to keeping very quiet!


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