Totally cool New feature for HotKeyN2O!

MisterX b.xavier at
Mon Feb 28 23:40:07 CST 2005

HotKeyN2O is now the easiest way to paste images into a field in RunRev!
Great for better documentation or graphic enhanced field displays in your

Copy any image from your browser, click in a field, click the HotKeyN2O
paste button and voila, you get an image inserted in your field as expected!

The unlimited-undo feature is much much improved (speed above all), but
still unfinished. The HotKeyN2O has to be fully tested and debugged still
but will offer even more features than what you see in the scripts. The Read
me was updated with new information too...

You can download the last beta from


Please help me develop this tool with your comments, bug reports,
added-features scripts or paypal donations! Any Mac visual or testing
reports would be greatly appreciated.

I'll continue to make HotKeyN2O free and opensource as long as you help me
make it free! A supported and professional license or subscription are
forthcoming but maybe you, the RunRev user community, can help sponsor
enough donations for me to make those free too? 

Best Revgards
-- - The Nitrous Utilities for RunRev

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