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MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Mon Feb 28 12:46:03 EST 2005

> FYI, there was a decision made, a long time ago (circa 1983), 
> that the Mac event system would not report shift, option, 
> command or control key downs to applications.  The only way 
> to determine if those keys are down is via polling, which can 
> be done in Revolution by using an idle handler...
> on idle
> 	if the shiftkey is down then
> 		... do something
> 	end if
> end idle
> -- Frank

This is how it should work in any [game|long] repeat loop...

repeat while the shiftkey is up
if the shiftkey is down then exit repeat
if the shiftkey then dodisinstead

If we'd know which side of the keyboard was down, it's a hit for Keyboard
interfaces in IDEs! It's doable somehow cause I've used it on my pc or a
linux vmware, im sure!

Maybe it's a matter of calling ID software ;)


on rawkeydown akeycode*

and parsing all keyboard combos for a lowdown driver type plugin...
Something almost ready in  HotKeysN2O (circa b29), it's already got the
hotkey table to message assignment/calling GUI and most event triggers for
it... Dont you love hidden features? ;)

Swap the keycode for the
control-alt-shift-command-zippoOpened-thumbRiff-Bass-Midi triggered combo
keycode and voilaaah... [TRY] eh, send that message...[end try]

Pseudo scripting is cool! eh...

Hey, that's 100 keys in a keyboard * (3-4 modifier keys * 2 sidedkeyboard)
+mouse xy+button[which]+ capslock + power PC button + reset PC button!
(!=factorial? minus 1 or not? ) Who cares! Why would that be useful to know?
What about when you fall asleep on the keyboard? what's the poor computer
supposed to think?

Answer wake up X, it's HKN2OV2.0B26 time! 

* Does on RawKeyDown Poll much the CPU? 
And pastekey, and a few more?
0%... even in the frontscript in HotKeyN2O on W2K...

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Meanwhile in the desert... Rallys!

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