RIP Jef Raskin

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Mark -

This is indeed a sad passing 
(  I have to comment 
though, when I saw Raskin speak with the other original Apple/Macintosh 
pioneers at MacWorld EXPO Boston (2004), Raskin came across to everyone 
as a very bitter man.  It was actually kind of sad.  He was in total 
disagreement with the direction that Apple has taken the idea of an 
operating system with MacOSX.  He was especially almost angry that 
MacOSX has brought back the command line.  He felt that evolution of 
the operating system has been put in reverse -- that the "operating 
system" in general should be much smarter than current OS's.  That's 
why he was developing a better user inteface 

Anyway, it was very cool seeing all those original pioneers all on the 
stage telling stories about the beginnings of the Macintosh.


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