How to safely set the icon of a button ?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun Feb 27 18:20:04 EST 2005

J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Even if you use an image's short name as an icon reference, the engine 
> will try to resolve that into an image ID number. Under the hood, only 
> ID numbers can be assigned as icons. So I'm guessing your image IDs 
> duplicate some of those in the Rev IDE. Since it is possible to assign 
> an ID to an image (they are the only controls that allow this, and it 
> is for this exact reason) just assign a different ID to the images 
> that conflict.

Thanks - I did that and it now works - for now (but leaves me a bit 

That prompted me to go back and re-read the docs page for "ID" again, 
more carefully.

It says

> You can set the ID of an image. Be careful not to set an image ID to a 
> number that's the ID of another object in the same stack:  

I can (and have) avoided numbers used in my stacks.

> since Revolution uses IDs to keep track of objects, a conflict may 
> prevent Revolution from being able to access one or both objects. The 
> following ID numbers are reserved and should not be used for image IDs:
>     * 1-100: reserved for built-in cursors
>     * 101-135: reserved for built-in brush shapes
>     * 236-300: reserved for built-in patterns
>     * 301-1000: reserved for built-in icons
>     * 101,000-103,000: reserved
>     * 200,000-299,999: reserved for application use
Images in the Rev IDE should use IDs from the reserved ranges - 
otherwise there's
 -  no way to avoid conflicts
 -  no way to tell if they happen other than viewing every image
      - and even that's no guarantee since a later version of Rev IDE 
may change which image numbers it uses
      - or the stacks may load in a different order and make the 
conflict visible
 - and no way to guess which ID values are safe.

I'm thinking this should be logged as a bug, and the IDE should stick to 
the reserved ranges; what do you think ?

Alex Tweedly

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