ANN: Update of "Topsearch" for XML-files

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Sun Feb 27 17:53:42 EST 2005

I am in the course of updating my "Topsearch" tool for text search in 
stacks and the Rev documentation to be able to search the new XML-format 
of the help docs. I plan to make it available in about two weeks.

Screenshots can be viewed on my website 

The basic feature to search all text fields of a Revolution or Metacard 
stack remains unchanged.

The "Dictionary"-, "Faq"-, "Topics"- and "Glossary"-folders can be 
searched. The results are displayed in the field on the right with the 
searchstring colored and the XML-file addresses inserted as links. 
Clicking on such a file link displays the complete article in the left 
field - again with the searchstring colored. If the article itself 
contains links these are displayed for further reference.

The Rev Help XML-files can also be searched from inside the Metacard IDE.

While working on how to parse the XML-files for my specific needs, I 
found some "inconsistencies" in the "Topics" files, where closing tags 
are missing,; I took care of that in my scripts, but I think these 
glitches are so minor - although they affect the display of the files in 
question - as not to warrant a Bugzilla entry.

(replace "<p><h2>The special descriptor </i>this" with "<p><h2>The 
special descriptor <i>this</i></h2>"
  # above for: file "object_types_and_object_ref.xml"
  replace ">Unix systems</docRef>)</p>" with ">Unix 
  # above for: file "properties and property profiles.xml")


Wilhelm Sanke

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