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Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun Feb 27 14:52:27 EST 2005

Lars Brehmer wrote:

> Greetings all!
> I have no experience with Windows whatsoever and have what is 
> hopefully a real easy, dopey question:
> I build a standalone for Windows (the splash screen is the actual 
> standalone, the Main Stack and substacks are rev files) and it works 
> just fine, but there's one little thing I don't get.  In OSX, it's the 
> icon of the standalone that appears in the dock, but in Windows (XP in 
> this case) each of the open stacks, whether visible or not, has a 
> thingy in the task bar thing, so as stacks open and close, the taskbar 
> thingies multiply and disappear.
> Am I doing something wrong here? Or is it always this way in Windows?  
> Is there a way to get just the app in the taskbar and not the 
> individual rev stacks?

Windows programs typically show a task-bar item per "main window" - with 
varying interpretations of what should be considered to be a "main window".

In general Rev shows a task-bar item for each stack.
However, there are exceptions - for instance, in the IDE, script editor 
windows don't appear in the task-bar - so there must be some control 
over this. (Sorry - I've never looked into it, so I don't know any more 
off-hand - if no-one else chimes in, I'll look around the settings on 
the script editor stacks and see if I can figure out how they avoid 
appearing in the list).

btw - Palettes also do not appear in the task-bar list.

Alex Tweedly

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