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Rob Meijer robmeyer at
Sun Feb 27 09:35:38 CST 2005

At 11:20 27/2/2005, Robert Brenstein wrote:
>>My translation is ready and above all: it works.
>>Rest some questions:
>>1. I want to change the size of card 1, but not the size of other cards. 
>>Not possible?
>Yes and no. All cards in the stack have the same size at any given time. 
>One can use preopencard to resize window when opening any card. For 
>example, a size of each card can be stored as a custom property of a card, 
>which is then used by the preopencard handler to adjust the size. However, 
>one normally uses substacks to have them permanently different.

I have no idea what to do with a substack: can I declare the mainstack as 
card 1 and use the substack for the other pages
with different size and how do you stick them together?  Is there something 
to read about it online?

>>2. if I reopen a stack after close NOT SAVE, everything is saved. Huh?
>If you quit Rev and relaunch, you will likely find the unsaved values as 
>you expect them. Part of the Rev's performance is that it leaves closed 
>stack in memory. This allows it to be reopened super fast. Most people 
>simulate multiwindow environment by opening a closing stacksrather than 
>hiding them (which requires tracking what is open and what is hidden), so 
>this behavior works really well. What you see is a side-effect: the last 
>state is preserved so do speak. You can try setting the destroyStack and 
>destroyWindows properties to true, although I am not sure whether these 
>will help you. Normally, one would use preopencard to fill in the fields 
>with the current (expected) values, values themselves kept,for example, in 
>custom properties.

I think I explained it not clear enough: Sometimes while working there is 
such a mass, that I want to reopen to go back to the last save.
So I do an exit with "don't save".
But when I reopen I see the same mass....

>>3. I put return & a textline after last line of a field.
>>     I delete last  line of that field.
>>     The line is deleted, not the space between the org. text and that 
>> last line.
>when you say 'delete last line of fld xxx' there can't be any space left 
>unless you have multiple returns before the last line or the newlast line 
>has spaces only. Or am I missing something?

Right; but after "Delete last line of field "xxx" " the line disappearesd, 
but not the space between text and place of the deleted line;
because after a new "put return & textline after field "xxx", the new line 
is positioned under the position of the disappeared line .
that's why I wrote I want the cursor back behind the org. text.

>>     How to get the cursor behind the last char of the org. text??
>select after text of fld xxx
>>4. is there a way to arrange lines in the scripts with textalignment left
>>     how to make indents right or left in the script
>I am not sure I follow what you mean. Script editor uses the left 
>alignment and block indentation automatically. If you refer to the new 
>lines you type, close and reopen the editor.

I mean I want all textlines left, no automatic block identation.
 From there I want to do block indentations manually:
In TB we use for that <Ctrl>+<tab> for indent right of a selected block
or <Ctrl>+<Shft>+<tab> for indent left. No such way in RunRev?


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