scale w/ ticks and snap-to

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>Subject: scale w/ ticks and snap-to
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>I'd like to have a scale in a range from 1 to 5 with 5 ticks on it, and
>with snap-to behavior so this indicator will line up with the ticks.
>Any combination of properties for this, or am I rolling my own?
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If you are willing to wait for mouseUp to see the snap then maybe 
this would help:

local tNearestInteger

on scrollbarDrag tPos
   set the startvalue of me to 1
   set the endvalue of me to 5
   put round(tPos) into tNearestInteger
   put tNearestInteger into field 1
end scrollbarDrag

on mouseUP
   set the thumbposition of me to tNearestInteger
end mouseUP


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