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Rob Meijer robmeyer at hetnet.nl
Sun Feb 27 05:06:40 EST 2005

Hi Mark

At 08:24 27/2/2005, Mark Wieder wrote:
>If I understand what you're trying to do here, the following will
>create a new card at the end of substack "addressdata":
>push card -- called from mainstack
>go to last card of stack "addressdata"
>create card "whatever"
>pop card -- return to mainstack

what a funny way to use push and pop.
In TB this means quite something else.
After te card "whatever" is created, can I
use global variables from the main stack
and can I pop all data from the mainstack
into the various fields on that whateverCard?

>RM> You may use a viewer to show a (part of) a page,
>RM> where you want to see special data: f.i. one user
>RM> wanted to see what product was the most lucrative,
>RM> so he opens a viewer, showing a part of a page
>RM> where that list was placed:
>So your page data is larger than the displayable card screen space?
>There's been some discussion on this list lately about this, but
>personally I prefer to create a different card for each view, populate
>the card with info from the source data card, then display the view
>card for the user. The lock screen command is very handy for this:

I can give a viewer each dimension I want and I can
place it everywhere on the screen: a childviewer stays in the window,
a popupviewer has no limitationson the screen.

>lock screen
>go to card "Cost Analysis"   --why not going directly to card whichProduct
>put field "unit cost" of card whichProduct into field "unit cost"  ---what 
>card "unit cost" is this, samestack?
>put field "widgets" of card whichProduct into field "widgets"
>unlock screen
So what has happened now?

I am very sorry,but this goes beyond my imagination.
I am not revolutionary enough yet.

The scripting for a viewer is so easy, because every varaible
used in the script keeps its value when you start writing
the viewer part.
Example: in the script of button "store" of the intakeCard of
the main stack, I put all texts of the fields in a textline.
In the routine I showed in my last posting, I cab use the word
textline again !
But be aware that the viewer is for more than just adding a card:
everything you can do in the main stack, you can do in each stack
on your computer.


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