CGI load relative to Perl, etc. (last attempt, I promise)

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Feb 26 22:47:21 CST 2005

On 2/26/05 1:49 PM, Dave Cragg wrote:

> Rev's weakpoint is that it has to load for each CGI request. When 
> compared against something like mod-perl or ASP, which are already 
> loaded by the http server, it can be considerably slower. But as the 
> ratio of the time to do the task to the time to load the procees 
> increases, I think you'll find the difference narrows.

I seem to remember Scott Raney saying that load time, when the engine is 
faceless, was close to instantaneous and not a significant factor. (Or 
am I going senile? I can't find the quote now.)

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