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>Recently, Jim Hurley  wrote:
>>  I got intrigued with simulations, all kinds. Recently I have
>>  taken up bouncing balls. And I am having a hard time letting go.
>>  ...
>  > go url
>Ironically, you *gotta* let go for the thing to work. :-)
>This is really fun stuff -- thanks Jim.  More ideas for us to develop
>(BTW, on two of the cards, the ball "escaped" through the bottom left corner
>of the card, maybe some kind of X = 0 or Y > height of the card thing.)
Scott Rossi


I found the problem. I was letting the ball be reflected by the 
rectangle interior to the screen walls by a distance equal to the 
radius of the ball, but  I calculated the *intersection* of the ball 
trajectory with the screen walls instead of that rectangle. The 
tracing (pen down) now remains totally within this inner rectangle.

The corrected version is again:

  go url  ""

Pessimist: Life is just one damn bug after another.

Thanks again,


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