ANN: Bouncing Ball Tools

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Sat Feb 26 09:30:09 EST 2005

>Recently, Jim Hurley  wrote:
>>  I got intrigued with simulations, all kinds. Recently I have
>>  taken up bouncing balls. And I am having a hard time letting go.
>>  ...
>>  go url
>Ironically, you *gotta* let go for the thing to work. :-)
>This is really fun stuff -- thanks Jim.  More ideas for us to develop
>(BTW, on two of the cards, the ball "escaped" through the bottom left corner
>of the card, maybe some kind of X = 0 or Y > height of the card thing.)
>Scott Rossi


Thanks for the info.

I can't afford to lose balls. Do you recall which were the offending 
cards? There were only 3 that would be candidates: First, and the 
last two cards, the seventh and eighth.

(I let it run for several minutes and no ball went over the wall, but 
I did note tracings that penetrated the barrier at the bottom, that 
is, the horizontal line a distance R  (the radius of the ball) above 
the bottom of the window. Hard to reproduce these some-times 


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