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Sat Feb 26 04:00:06 EST 2005

On  Fri, 25 Feb 2005 20:12:38 +0000, Bob Hartley <rev at> 

> OK Folks.
> The other thread has moved to a subject of re: :-) so I'll start this 
> one
> afresh.
> If you are interested in a euro meeting in Sunny Scotland then reply to
> this post. We should be thinking of May/June/July....ish to make it 
> feasable
> Once I have a rough Idea of the numbers I could do a bit of wheeling 
> and
> dealing for venues etc and a rough price structure.
> Well what is keeping you. :-)
> Cheers
> Bob

Just to repeat that I'm seriously interested. I spend about half my 
time in France, but even then thanks to Ryanair (taking a risk on their 
"point-to-point" policy I guess I could make it to Edinburgh from 
Carcassonne. If I'm in London then of course it would be a lot easier. 
I suggest a few specific dates are proposed, and you could see if you 
could get a cluster of acceptances around one of them. I also suggest 
we keep away from school holidays as that inflates the price of cheap 
flights Europe-wide, I find.


Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK and France

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