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Silver, Jason jsilver at
Fri Feb 25 19:48:23 EST 2005

Hello again fellow revolutionaries!

Since I last posted, I've made a lot of progress on my mobile phone
simulation stack.  There's a sub-stack containing contacts, and I have a
couple of cards in the mainstack (Prototype) which are reading
information from the cards in the Contacts sub-stack.

The following screen provides a good example and background of what I've
All of the text you see (except for the title of the screen and the
softkeys) is being pulled from cards in the Contacts sub-stack.  Each
blurred out line corresponds to a card from that stack, and the content
of the field (i.e. the names) is generated dynamically when the card is
opened.  It's a multi-line field, and the icons are put there by using
imageSource.  That made it easy to lay everything out according to the
screen dimensions I was provided.

Now, I've come to a point where I want to select/deselect multiple names
to add them to a group.  This is a wireframe of the proposed design from
Like the previous example, I need this screen to be generated
dynamically when the card is opened, by pulling contact names from the
database (e.g. field "First name" of card x of stack "Contacts").
However, I'm confused about how to highlight checkboxes and text at the
same time.  (Like a mobile phone, scrolling up and down hilites a single
line WITH the checkbox).  Since each checkbox is a button, is it better
to have the contact name as the button's name, or have the checkbox
grouped with a field?   It's definitely tougher since I don't know if I
can do this with a single multi-line text field, and I also have to
figure out where to create and place the checkboxes when the card is

Like always, all help is welcome.  I think I'll be buying dinners for
many people once we meet up in Monterey.  :)

All the best,

Jason Silver
Human Factors Engineer, Sr.
jsilver at 

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