Error on reading file from HD

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Feb 25 12:21:16 EST 2005

Hi Paul,

> Dear Rev Programmers
> This code works ok:
>   put "MyFile.Txt" after tFilename
> When reading from the default path (CD)
> but
> put "c:/MyFolder/MyFile.Txt" after tFilename
> does not work with the file in the path.
> Whats I'm am doing wrong?

well, what's in tFilename?

Anyway, at least if tFilename is NOT empty then

> put "c:/MyFolder/MyFile.Txt" after tFilename

will produce probably something like:


which is definitvely wrong! ;-)

What exactly do you mean by

>  "When reading from the default path (CD)"

Check tFilename before appending anything to it...

Hope that helps...

> Paul Salyers
> PS1 - Senior Rep.
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> Http://


Klaus Major
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