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Robert Brenstein wrote:

> London is one of the notoriously cheap flight destinations from many 
> places around Europe. But taking a train from London to Highlands can 
> be an adventure. Not sure about the costs. Flying up north is more 
> costly, though, if I recall. But may be RR could strike a deal with 
> some smaller carrier.

Getting to Edinburgh isn't as bad as it used to be - we have Easyjet 
from Edinburgh to 8 or so locations (including London), and from GLA 
(Glasgow) to about the same number (probably the same ones :-).  Not 
quite so convenient but still doable is Glasgow Prestwick via Ryanair to 
17 continental cities.

The train can be interesting - definitely the civilised way to do it, 
but unfortunately can be expensive.

Yes - there is the safety record to consider.
I think British trains are only about 8 times as safe as driving 
(accidents per passenger mile). :-)

Alex Tweedly

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