News of Shafer eBook Publication Plans

Eddie Boyd eddie at
Fri Feb 25 05:34:10 EST 2005

>>Glad to hear about this but I only just ordered Volume 1 yesterday!
>>Pity about the lack of print publishing as I like to read manuals 
>>AWAY from the computer.
>>I would hope the Runtime people will consider forming some of the 
>>more basic booklets into a users guide as the current documentation 
>>is OK for reference but not much good for example and inspiration.
>Eddie, with eBooks, you can read them on the computer but you can 
>also print them, and even bind, individually or together, if willing 
>to spend extra money. Up to you. Utter flexibility.

Too much hassle, Robert, especially with bigger documents.

>The problem with printed manuals is that they are always behind as 
>they need a few months lead time for production and require more 
>manpower. And with the complexity of the Transcript and versatility 
>of Rev, they will always tend to be quite big.

I agree, but since most programming languages are 
backwards-compatible, even an out-of-date manual is useful. The nice 
thing about reading offline is that the reading and thinking aren't 
constantly interrupted by the compulsion to try things out RIGHT 
AWAY, so the general ideas penetrate better (at least for me). The 
other advantage (not insignificant) is that my armchair is MUCH more 
comfortable that the chair in front of my computer. :o)


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