Rev - Odbc - Access

thierry douez at
Fri Feb 25 05:18:59 EST 2005


SP>> So while some of the power of revDB may not be usable in an  Access/ODBC
SP>> project, enough of it works, and there are easy workarounds, to make
SP>> using Rev to create sophisticated front ends to Access db's very practical.

MW> Yes, all that's true. It gets much more complicated as your database
MW> design gets more complex (cascading deletes and updates, etc). Any
MW> votes for Bugzilla #1528 to push runrev to fix the broken odbc calls
MW> are more than welcome. It's now been demoted to a "feature request"
MW> with the excuse that "the docs document that certain ops don't work
MW> with certain databases".

Ok, i'm going to vote on this one ( #1528 )

Thanks for this,

Best regards, 

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