Transferring htmlText via a chunk descriptor

Scott Rossi scott at
Fri Feb 25 01:30:06 EST 2005

Recently, Mark Swindell  wrote:

> What would the correct syntax be to achieve the following...
> I have a section of formatted text in a field on card 2 that I want
> exported to another field on card 1.  The line I want to execute is
> something like the following:
> set the htmlText of field "originalText" of cd 1 to  value(linesToShow)
> ...where linesToShow = (line 2 to 10 of field 1 of cd 2)

 put the HTMLtext of line 2 to 10 of fld 1 of cd 2 into tData
 set the HTMLtext of fld "originalText" of cd 1 to tData


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