halleluja was too early

Rob Meijer robmeyer at hetnet.nl
Thu Feb 24 23:38:11 EST 2005

Hi Ken
Thanks for your attention. I think in the meantime you might
have read the other postings of yesterday (I subscribed yesterday,
so nothing can be earlier), so you know the problem is over now.
Nice revolutional people.


At 22:27 24/2/2005, Ken Ray wrote:
>On 2/24/05 2:10 AM, "Rob Meijer" <robmeyer at hetnet.nl> wrote:
> > Hi  Jaqueline, Andre and Klaus
> >
> > It worked once, so after changing the cards name I could
> > use the script "gocard", but the script of the field "content"
> > had not changed.
> >
> > I put the gocardhandler in  on opencard,
> > but that sends the errormessage that the script is still running.
> >
> > So I am back to zero.
>Sorry, Rob... I came in late... what exactly is it that you're trying to do
>again?  (If you'd rather point me to the post where you already stated this,
>that's fine too).
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