News of Shafer eBook Publication Plans

Dan Shafer revdan at
Thu Feb 24 19:56:27 EST 2005

Dear Fellow Revolution User:

As you know, Runtime Revolution and I have been working for some months 
trying to find a conventional publisher to handle the second and third 
volumes of my "Software at the Speed of Thought" book series. I 
appreciate your patience while we worked on this problem.

The bad news is that we were unable to interest any publisher in the 
books. The community is too small at this point. Publishers want to see 
upwards of 50,000 users of a product before they show interest in 
publishing books about it. While Runtime Revolution certainly plans to 
reach that level of penetration in the near future, it doesn't have 
those numbers today.

The good news is that we've come up with what I think you'll agree is a 
dynamite new publishing plan that more than compensates for the 
"missing volumes 2 and 3."

First, I am going to release, over the next nine months, at least 10 
new mini-books in electronic form covering many of the topics you were 
expecting to see in Volumes 2 and 3, but taking a different, more 
topical approach. These eBooks will be offered for sale at prices 
ranging from $5 to $10 each. This new approach to publishing was a 
pretty hair-brained idea when I started this process almost two years 
ago but is now established. That means I'll be publishing deeper 
content on a somewhat narrower range of topics.

Second, we're going to revisit Volume 1 of the book, produce a series 
of mini-books comprising its content (with corrections, embellishments, 
and enhancements), and sell these individually at $5-10 each.

Revolution remains the absolute best development tool I've ever used 
and I have every intention of remaining an active and visible member of 
the community. I'm co-hosting a developer conference in Monterey, CA, 
this summer, and proceeding apace with my writing. More importantly, I 
use Revolution every day in the creation of my own products and those 
of my select client base.

Thanks again for your patience.


P.S. If you purchased a membership in Revolution Pros, you will receive 
a separate, personal email outlining the specific way we are proposing 
to make sure you feel you've been treated fairly, even generously.

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