Rev 2.5 and OSX 10.1

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Feb 24 18:43:10 CST 2005

Scott Rossi wrote:
> Recently, curry  wrote:
>>It's hard to believe, and a bit troubling, that the majority of
>>responses to my report about Rev 2.5 crashing on OS 10.1 have been
>>suggestions for me to upgrade. I'm sure this is meant well, but it's
>>not relevant. When I posted that I thought surely this is obvious
>>enough to need no long and drawn-out explanation
> One question that would be worth asking is, do the Rev folks in fact support
> 10.1, or is the 10.0.3 a holdover spec that fell through the cracks as the
> Rev engine and the Rev Web site have been updated.  It may be that they
> don't officially support it.

They would be in good company.  It seems a majority of apps list their 
system req's as "10.2 or later."

OS X 10.1 was a very buggy beta.  ;)

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