New Bugzilla report Bug 2631

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Feb 24 15:30:18 EST 2005

On 2/24/05 10:05 AM, Alejandro Tejada wrote:

> on Wed, 23 Feb 2005 18:06:48 -0600
> J. Landman Gay wrote:
>>I interpreted the original "bug" report as a
>>complaint that any Rev stack can be dropped on 
>>any Rev standalone and the stack will open. 
> That's exactly what i mean, but notice this
> report is platform specific for Windows.
>>In Windows, dropping a stack onto an exe does appear
>>to launch the exe sometimes, 
> [snip]
>>Maybe he will write again and describe the problem
>>more fully.
> In 3 differents machines, it always launch the exe 
> and opens the file.

Right, but that is what I would expect. All stacks are the same file 
format, and all Rev standalones can read that format. This behavior 
allows us all to create stacks that will run on any standalone we build. 
It also allows MetaCard, Revolution, and Rev Player to open the same 
stacks, even across platforms.

Isn't this the same as allowing all word processors to open text files? 
I'm not sure why this would be a bug. The engine is the same for all 
Rev-related apps and they all read the same stack files.

To get around this, you could write a preOpenStack handler and put it in 
your standalone. Save all your stacks with a custom property that 
contains an identity code. Then when a user drops a stack onto the 
standalone, the preOpenStack handler will run. That handler could read 
the custom property and see if it is the correct identity code for the 
standalone. If not, put up an error dialog (and quit the standalone, if 
you want.) If the stack is the correct one, let the stack open. That is 
how some other Windows apps handle incorrect file drops.

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