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Thu Feb 24 15:02:39 EST 2005

Paul Salyers wrote:
> Ok, so my next question is how is best to make a installing CD for mac.

Most modern Mac apps don't.  Instead they just set the background image 
of the CD's root directory to be a graphic with text tell the user to 
drag the app's folder to their hard drive, just as they do with DMG files.

If your app requires copying files to specific locations outside of the 
application's folder you could use an installer.  Monte makes one and 
there are several others both free and commercial.

With commercial installer tools read the fine print of the license 
agreement:  some of the major Mac installer vendors punish the Mac 
community by requiring an ANNUAL license, while the same company often 
makes their Windows version available for a one-time fee.

And at least one very major Mac installer vendor has chosen to encumber 
themselves with antiquated back-office methods:  While their storefront 
will conveniently let you purchase your first annual license, renewals 
require that you download a PDF electronically, print it to physical 
paper to fill it out, and then transfer the physical paper back to them 
electronically via fax, where the renewal order is processed by hand. 
If you stay on top of your renewal date this may not be a problem, but 
if you need to build something outside of east coast business hours and 
find your annual license has expired you'll be hosed until the next 
business day.  Weird decision.

So if you need an installer, consider Monte's:

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