Dumb question about error messages

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Thu Feb 24 10:32:18 EST 2005


Because when you send a message, there is no errorObject from the sending
routine. Also you can't debug handlers that receive the message via send
"msg" to...
What you can do however is use a try condition to see if it's better caught.

In my KountFuMaster game, when running as an application, i get a brief
display of an error message which I never get in my stack in the IDE. I
can't figure it out... No events in NT, no session logs, nothing!!! 

Come to think of it, there is an errorobject global or function that has the
last error message we could try... Filter the keyword error in the revdocs
and you'll see some new possilities ;)


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> I'm debugging an app in the IDE. I have a 'startup' handler 
> that doesn't run in this context, so I execute
> send "startup" to stack "myStack"
> This is standard procedure for me. Today there was a bug in 
> my handler, and a message in the lower half of the message box saying
> Message execution error:
> Error description: Chunk: no such object
> Doubtless this is true - my code is not faultless :) - but 
> why don't I get the standard error dialog opening up to give 
> me a clue as to where in the script of the handler the error 
> occurs? The IDE option 'script debug mode' is checked. As it 
> is I will have to set breakpoints to narrow down the issue - 
> but what did I do wrong? I can't believe I'm asking this 
> question after all this time working with RR.
> Graham
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