Robert Brenstein rjb at
Thu Feb 24 06:15:44 EST 2005

>Hi  Jaqueline, Andre and Klaus
>Thanks to your hint to see Richards article,
>I found such a large source of Revolutional knowledge,
>That I use a lot of time to read through all that stuff.
>I understood that back and front indicate the place in the hierarchy
>and that messagepath is synonym for the hierarchy.
>I understood that "start using" only works with a script from
>the stack.

I did not follow this thread but it sounds to me that you should use 
either the 'do fld xxx' in your common button or use 'set script of 
btn xx to fld xxx' to actually replace the script of that button.

Using 'insert ... into back' could also be used. You would just first 
remove the inserted script and then reinsert a script of another (or 
same) object. If the handler there has always the same name, you will 
be dynamically changing what it does.


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