CD-ROM as directory?

Nicolas Cueto nicolas_cueto at
Thu Feb 24 03:58:31 EST 2005

Hello All,

I'm having a problem running a standalone off of a CD-ROM. Namely, the
standalone itself opens up but not its sound and image files.

Now, the problem disappears if I copy the standalone and all its associated
files/directories to the hard drive of one of my Win machines (Win98,
Japanese). So I guess something is up with the directory path.

Here's an example of my scripting method for calling up images and sounds
via "the directory":

 put the directory into tDir
 put tDir & "/snd/" & tSoundFileID into tSndFilePath
 play tSndFilePath

Perhaps this a Windows issue rather than a Rev one? Or perhaps its a
Japanese language issue, i.e., somewhere in the path there are perhaps
Japanese characters that are somehow messing up how Rev is reading "the
directory" name?

And if anyone's wondering why not just scrap the CD-ROM and, instead, make
an installer or simply copy files directly to the HD, well, this is the
easiest way for my young students. For now.

Thank you.

Nicolas Cueto
niconiko language school

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