What the... !! ???

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Thu Feb 24 02:11:05 CST 2005

Okay, is there some weird 2.5 bug that only kicks in, oh, say, when you're
up in front of a group of students?

Things were mighty wonky in 2.5 under Mac OS 9 tonight.  On the relativity
scale, it's right up there with bombing live at Comdex.

I had up for review a two card stack with a single script -- an openStack:

on openStack
  wait 3 seconds
  visual effect dissolve slow
  go next card
end openStack

So, I then tried to show them how to use the message box and type in the

send openStack to this stack

and guess what -- Error message!

I then glossed over that and went into showing them how to make simple
navigation buttons.  Entered the script.  Clicked "apply".  Closed window.
Switched over to user mode and clicked button and...  ummm, NOTHING!
Checked the script for the button and there was nothing.  Re-entered the
script.  Still nothing.

Just gave up.


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