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Thu Feb 24 01:43:44 EST 2005

Hi  Jaqueline, Andre and Klaus

Thanks to your hint to see Richards article,
I found such a large source of Revolutional knowledge,
That I use a lot of time to read through all that stuff.

I understood that back and front indicate the place in the hierarchy
and that messagepath is synonym for the hierarchy.
I understood that "start using" only works with a script from
the stack.

Your suggestion to use "set the script of fld "content" to the script of 
btn "wijzigen"
was the first statement I tried. I put it as last statment into a handler, 
but got
the errormessage that a script cannot be altered while running.
Then I tried "send foo", foo being a handler in de stackscript. Same 
because what I need is not to execute handler "foo", but to replace the 
script of a field.
The listfield is an index. Clicking a line opens a card:
on mouseup;get selectedtext;go card it
A button is pressed to get a new script into that field.
Now that field may delete a card.
Or a button is pressed to get a new script into that field.
Now that field may change the content of a card.
Here comes the problem:
The main task of the listfield is being an index to go to a card.
So I need a statement on the end of each script to reset the script
of that listfield to "on mouseup;get selectedtext;go card it".
This is easily done in Toolbook, but I can't find it in Transscript.

Well, now I am going to study your advises.
Thanks Jaqueline, Andre and Kaus

At 20:42 23/2/2005, Andre Garzia wrote:

>On Feb 23, 2005, at 5:21 PM, Rob Meijer wrote:
>>I cannot find the right syntax. 'Start using' did not match.
>>I am looking for something like:
>>"insert script of button "wijzigen" into script of field "content""
>>but here I get an errormessage "missing script"
>>Thanks for your help
>quoting Richards reply:
>"you can use the "insert script" command to put a script of any object
>into the message path for use by any other object, and you can use
>"start using" to make something roughly equivalent to TB's sysbooks.
>For notes on these and more see:
>< revolution_message_path.html>"
>start using will add a script of a stack to the message path, but not
>the script of a button. You can add the script of a button as a
>backscript or a frontscript but I don't think that's what you're
>looking for.
>Ron, I don't know the behaviour you want to achive. If you want just to
>share scripts between controls, check revolution "groups", if you want
>to make a script as library, put it inside a stack and use "start using
>stack "myStack"" to use the stack as lib. But if this script is
>pre-coded, why not putting it inside the field content anyway? For
>example, I have here some small reusable scripts that I use all the
>time but they are too small to deserve a library, so I created a little
>palette that will check the selected object in Rev IDE and insert that
>script on the object. I can go adding scripts to this pallete... this
>servers me fine for it does not alter the message path in anyway...
>if you want to change the script of a button at runtime (or at
>interactive time), then I think you can set the script property of the
>button, but we need help from the experts on this topic, I don't know
>what happens if you use:
>set the script of fld "content" to the script of btn "wijzigen"
>but it might work, give it a try!
>Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004 ð BRAZIL
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