Rev 2.5

curry curry at
Wed Feb 23 21:22:42 EST 2005

I can't really try out 2.5 much because it crashes in too many 
situations with OSX 10.1, but I see enough to raise some questions.

Does the RevOnline window always open when you open Revolution, or 
will it stay shut next time if you close it and quit (without 

I prefer selecting an object type in the tool palette and then 
clicking or dragging in the stack window to create it, as in Rev 
2.0.3 that I have. For those of you who have been with Rev for a 
while like me and have been working in 2.5 for a while, do you find 
the new way of dragging controls out better, worse, or not much 
difference when it comes to everyday use and convenience?


Curry Kenworthy

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