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On the Mac:

The creator code is likely ignored when determining which files can be 
dropped, since you can drop an icon from a program other than the one 
which created the file (thus the reason for drag-and-drop opening in 
the first place, otherwise we could just double-click and be done with 

The type codes are what is of interest, and an app can be associated 
with more than one.  To prevent a Mac app from accepting the 
drag-and-drop open, one would need to make sure that the Rev stack file 
type is not among those given for use by that particular app.

This is handled by the plist file in an OS X bundle.

On Feb 23, 2005, at 7:06 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 2/23/05 12:24 PM, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:
>> File associations are irrelevant for drag 'n drop of document/file 
>> icons on an app's icon.  That much is true for most operating 
>> systems.
> Not on Macs, though I see now it can be different on Windows. I don't 
> know about the 'nixes.
> I interpreted the original "bug" report as a complaint that any Rev 
> stack can be dropped on any Rev standalone and the stack will open. On 
> a Mac (both classic and OS X,) file associations determine this 
> behavior. If the poster didn't reset the default file type when he 
> built his standalone, and he's on a Mac, then I'd expect any of his 
> standalones will open any Rev stack.
> On Macs, if you drop a PDF file onto Revolution, nothing happens. Rev 
> doesn't accept the drop and doesn't launch. The file types (or 
> extensions in OS X) aren't right, so the OS prevents any action.
> In Windows, dropping a stack onto an exe does appear to launch the exe 
> sometimes, though the file will either error, or in some cases the app 
> will see it as a text file and open it that way. So I guess that's 
> what you meant. Windows apps may accept the file as a dropped item, 
> but the app won't generally be able to work with it.
> But the poster was bug-reporting that his standalones open any stacks 
> he makes. This doesn't sound like a bug to me in any case. It sounds 
> like exactly the behavior we'd want most of the time. On a Mac, he can 
> change the file type and creator codes of the standalones to prevent 
> this behavior. On Windows, I guess there isn't much he can do outside 
> of writing some code that checks a custom property or something, and 
> then quitting if it isn't right.
> Maybe he will write again and describe the problem more fully.
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