Making "Wells" aka pseudo-d&d

Jerry Balzano gjbalzano at
Wed Feb 23 15:58:23 EST 2005

Thanks to Tom, David, and Jacque for their responses to my query.

I'm not using standard "drag and drop" because I want the user to have
color-coded information about what s/he is dragging.  If Rev supported
color cursors I would be able to live with that, but it doesn't, so I am
trying out the option of actually dragging a copy of the object itself. 
The down side to this is of course that I can't use all the nice drag
messages that fly around when you are doing *real* d&d.

David points out something I didn't know, which is that mouseEnter
messages get triggered even when you have some other object attached to
the cursor.  I'll try using this and see if it solves my problem.  It is
encouraging news, but I haven't checked it out yet.

Thanks again,

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