Rob Meijer robmeyer at
Wed Feb 23 14:09:50 EST 2005

I am a newbie in Revolution, being in the trialperiod.
In themy resting 19 days I try to translate a Toolbook
application to Revolution language.
The TB-app is written by myself. I work with TB for 18 years
and have some experience with TB.

In my app there is a listfield, each line corresponding
with a card; the listfield has several functions:
go to a card, change textline and name of card, delete
textline and card etc.
In Toolbook I can use for this someting in the script  like:
my script=script of button "navigate" (or whatelse),
my script=sharedscript "navigate"
but in Revolution a statement like that cannot
be used while the script is running.

Has anybody an idea.

Next question:
How far goes the use of Dreamcard. What is the difference
with Revolution exactly ? Can I develop a complete stack
like a Toolbook-book, or do I need Revolution?

Thanks very much

robmeyer at
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