New Bugzilla report Bug 2631

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 23 12:54:34 CST 2005

Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:
> File associations are irrelevant for drag 'n drop of document/file icons 
> on an app's icon.  That much is true for most operating systems.

I don't understand.  This is what I need to do to get a document to be 
droppable onto an app:

OS X: I need to add entries to the CFBundleDocumentTypes
       section of the info.plist file, noting the file's
       extension and type code.

Win:  I need to add an entry to the registry identifying
       a given file extension with a given app.

Linux: Sadly varies unnecessarily between window managers,
        but most require a MIME entry into a database.

By what other mechanisms can one associate a file type with an 
application that can open it?

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