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On 2/23/05 8:42 AM, Mikey wrote:

>>Whenever I learn a new language I read the Language Guide cover to
>>cover.  Well, that's a lie -- what I really do is skim it. But even just
>>skimming will give you the lay of the land, and you'd be surprised how
>>much you'll retain from that.
> Wait - there's a Language Guide?  Where the heck is that?  I was
> asking about that (or thought I was, under the dark influence of
> DayQuil) several days ago, and got (nearly) laughed at by someone on
> this list.  So there ARE manuals?  I don't care if they are in PDF,
> but really - there ARE manuals?

The "manual" is the Help system. The stuff you are most likely to want 
are the FAQ and Topics sections, until you get to the point where you 
need dictionary syntax definitions.

The printed manuals, which are available for purchase separately, are 
just printouts of the same material for those who prefer hard copy they 
can read in the bathroom. ;) The printed version is not entirely up to 
date at this point, so the online Help system is actually more accurate.

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